Monday, 16 November 2015

ROTFL Hehhehheh

Got to say, something make me wonder about the state of mind and what's playing in their mind.

First of all, I know that some "Mentri" like to issued the what I like to call it "Gosh You Got To Be Kidding" but follow the oppositions logic it is acceptable coz  all government supporter and government representative is stupid, right?

But it is like a virus that our opposition will try to top it out. You need to wait and you'll see it. And this weeks it's happen hehhehheh

Top of the week :

From Government representative you here this:
Don't like the government migrate to oversea

From opposition to top it up this week :
Don't like Penang pindah Kelantan

Urgh why Kelantan chap?

My friend get a good laugh with this comment. When I asked him, he inform me like this

Those who comment oversea was smarter than Kelantan. All because the one who comment oversea know how to get rid the pain in the xxx. He asked his non supporter to go far far away using their own money. Further more he asked them to migrate and stay away from Malaysia. Some politely asked to apply for PR. This to ensure the non supporter cannot vote opposition. Lost one vote already

What about Kelantan comment.

Well, if your non supporters just migrate to Kelantan, he or she still a Malaysian and can vote whomever they like. Of course it's not you lah.

OK there's a certain logic there that's make me wonder. My friends get a good laughs this week.

Me, I'm thinking no need for Maharaja Lawak Mega, there's Malaysia's politicians to take over Hehhehheh

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wow!!!! Opposition Do Entitle to Joint MLM

Crazy right? Our opposition really has a talent to become a comedians.

See their comments when they were cornered.
"Saya bergurau/melawak sahaja"

Very funny YB. Next cycle of MLM please apply to Astro OK.

Maybe you can win.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hehhehheh I know What You Did Last Summer.....

Really this is so funny that I need to write this one. Really.

Oh...Oh.... Really......I'm ROTFL right now when this issue been discuss hehhehheh.

What is it you may asked.

My answer will be Arul vs Tony hehhehheh

And lastly backup by Rafizi.

The mighty DAP being back up by the lowest PKR. Mighty hehhehheh

Ok. lets be fair. DAP are the best, the greatest, the bravest, the most educated and wisest of all parties in Malaysia or so their supporters claims. So how come they cannot even produce one candidate to represent the party. Instead importing someone else altogether who looks like trying to wiggle out of the situations. After all he's not the one who's creating the situation at all.

Then against when one by one of the greatest mind bow out from DAP it is the indicator for me, DAP is not what they claim they are. They just trying to be smart or trying to be funny hehhehheh

Being outside the cycle

Nice to meet you all again.

It's been a while but been busy lately. To many activities and to many things that need my attention. Got to say, those who's willing to spend time trolling the Internet really a dedicated lots. Especially those who's go around commenting and bashing peoples day in and day out.

That's why they was call RBA right. Only an army has that kind of dedications. But then again this people's is the first one who whining when asking to joint PLKN hehhehhe.

Me, there's more life than politics. I'm still following it once or twice a day and then carry on my life. Those who saying I'm wasting my life better buy a big mirror and look in it. If you see yourself in it then there's a chances for you to save yourself.

If by any chance you don't know anymore better watch out coz maybe you're slowly turn to zombies. Better wear a tinfoil helmet as soon as possible hehhehheh

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Day Of New Selangor MB Era's

Today is the day. Yeah either PAS or PKR representative will become the new MB for Selangor. As per now, it is look like DAP is out of the game because they choose WA.

DAP and PKR choose WA which means AI needed  his wife to sacrifice once again her life to his means and political ambitions in order for him to stay relevant if anything happening to him.

Regardless what, it is look like, AI will always used WA as a lifeline for him to stay in the world of politic.

Some people will said, I should be the first to jump into the sun if WA is elected because I'm always write about the women should rules Malaysia, but come on. 

If the women who lead us because of her husband asked her to be, than it is no matter who rules. By the end of it, it is still a man decisions. And that is not what my point is in suggesting a women should replace a man and become a leader.

My point is, the woman need to become independent and has a will to make a decisions base on her opinions alone. Not saying without taking the necessary advised just after taking all into the consideration.

And WA was not an ideal leader for me. And sorry to say this but she was not MT, The first women to become The PM of Britain. She is and always be a political tools using by her husband.

I'm sometimes wondering why she wanted to be used like that as if she wanted to become a political leader she has a means and a brain (if she choose to used it) to become the first CM or PM in Malaysia. with her indication of brilliant-ness she can do it. 

But like an article I wrote before, not all brilliant people can lead. Some will be staying in the mold of thinking they were batter than anyone else. Those they will be above approached and we ordinary people was always beneath them.

And guys, I always have this niggling feeling that AI thinking us like this. Can I prove it? No. But actions speak louder that words right?

And if today The King choose other that WA, it will be taken as prove that His Majesty used PAS listing. And if the name other than AA, well the MB saga will continued unless of course PR will decided enough is enough and lets go on and do our jobs (what ever they think their jobs is).

on the other note, maybe this saga will go on as they already stated that there will be no other candidate but WA. 

 If WA did make it, than history will be created in Malaysia and another lifeline for AI to breath in this political world for another maybe 20 years or until his grandchild or son ready to continue his ambitions.

Let hope this will end soon. 

Me, I'm under Tok Mat of NS rules right now as I'm staying in Seremban. I just can follow this saga and wonder, what has happen to my birth state and what will happen.

It also kind of funny when the best political solutions for BN having this kind of problems. They supposed to be better than BN it everything.

But I guess they are better in proving that they were the worst choices hehhehhehheh. 

Don't get angry ok, that is only my way of thinking. Free opinions right hehhehheh.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Interesting Conversation With A Cab Driver

Hai Guys.

It has been a long time right? Today I borrowed my husband laptop in order to write this story.

A few weeks ago, I'm taking a taxi to go back home from Seremban. I love taking a taxi because I can meet with a cab driver who usually have a nice stories to tell.

I have a soft sport for a cab driver in Seremban. Some how I think they are nice peoples. Most of them. You can depend on them to return the item left in their cab. Asked for a help and they usually give you a hand.

I'm not saying all of them are good people but somehow I'm end up with a lot of nice lots.

So back to my story. I'm taking a cab after paying some bills. I'm end up with a 30 somethings Indian guys. After a polite greeting with a mentioning of weather and so so, he asked me if I know how to complaining about his Taman problems.

You see, he informed me that in his areas, he and others frequently informing their YB regarding their Taman problems with MPS.

I said that in my area we directly contacting MPS for whatever problem we facing. If possible our Ketua Kampung will go to MPS and discuss what measure we can takes in order to solves this problems.

You see, a few years ago, we facing the same dilemma as he is. Our YB didn't do anythings. When some pro-active soul getting fed-up and went directly to MPS, they find out that there was no complain or what so ever information from my area.

That is why, I said, it is better for us to go or call MPS and inform them what's going on.

He said directly to me, than it's better his area don't have any YB at all. He fed up with all this promises given each PRU but it end up to the drain.

And get this. He really praising KJ. I find it hard to swallow for an Indian loved KJ so much like him. He comparing his YB to KJ. He said KJ is better than any appo YB he know. 

 I can accept a Malay girls who idolise KJ so much. Yes I meet a few of them personally. And a few of my neighbours teenagers loves KJ so much that they cannot wait to vote. Well they will get their wishes as by 2018 they already coming to an age to vote. 

So, I'm trying to find out why he loved KJ so much. It turn out, KJ is a representative at his mother housing area. He said, if they have a problem, just meet KJ and KJ will find a way to help. 

KJ he said even helping his grandmother one time to fill in the form because he and his sibling forget to help her. Tired of waiting, he said, his grandmother just went to see KJ, inform him her problem and asked KJ to fill in a form for her. And he do it. KJ going so far as call his grandmother in a few weeks to asked if she getting the help she needed.

I'm not a KJ fans but if this is the impression he giving to the folks around Rembau, for next GE he will get more majorities. 

This is the impression I get when discussing the issues of our countries to a fellow like this cab driver. A 30 somethings man and women. They getting fed up with how the politician handling the problems.

This cab driver even said to me, quote "If this is how they handling the states, let gives this country to BN. At least we know they corrupted but they still helping rakyat. Enough complaining by next PRU BN will change the candidates. Next PRU, I will vote BN regardless who the candidates is. The opposition is useless. They only know how to opposed without giving the ideas how to improved. If that is the only requirement to become an oppositions, than I can become a politician to".

That's my friends is the voice of Rakyat who fed up with all the things happening in out country. You will never know this if you only based your opinions from FB or bloggers or Internet. This areas representing only a small portions of the rakyat. 

The majority was out there and observing closely what happening.

Big trigger for this changing in opinions is Selangor MB chronologies. It was seeing as a failure of the oppositions.

Me, I'm just seeing it as another drama until the next GE. I already giving up any hope that Selangor can be save right now.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Malay Getting Restless Now

This has been informed to me by an old man who sitting with me during waiting at the Postlaju counter, waiting for our turn.

It was smouldering before PRU13, the uneasiness of something was in the air. Yes, he said, a lot of Malay notice a small changes in attitudes of certain races toward them.

When doing a biz, they tend to be selected. Those who usually open and sharing a lot of biz information, started to clam down. They started to forget to contact their Malay counterpart if opportunity arise.

On the other hand, if there was functions where peoples of different races get together, this peoples tend to hovering among their own races. 

The smirked in their faces tell that something was up. When someone braves enough to asked, they try to diverted it to other issued.

So, some Malay, those who noticing this, know something was up in the air. 

And peoples, this is the type of people who makes a decisions to support UMNO. No, not a hardcore supporter but someone who noticing that someone somewhere planning somethings. 

This type of peoples, don't trust easily and they know, if they need to choose, it was better for them to choose UMNO whom for them already proves that they will worked for people.

Maybe UMNO was not perfect, but who is right?. 

This situations was what happen to this old man. Ironically he's not even a government pensioner or an UMNO member or supporter.  

He just an ordinary old man who feeling threatened by what happen right now.

The way he saying was, 

"They threatened my religions, they try to take away my GOD, they try to used every tools to divided my races. The fools who follow and agree with them was a fool like three stooges. They badmouthing others like they were a saint but at the same times they doing what they complaining other of doing. And what worst is, they doing worst job than other before them."

His parting word was "Macam Tikus Baiki Labu and this peoples really a rat, destroying somethings but claiming they repairing it. To Trust them, No way in these life or forever".

Well, who am I to say differently. Two reasons why.

First, he is much older than I'm. Much much older.

Second, I'm agreeing with him.  Tikus baiki labu all of them. And I can see they are really like TIKUS hehhehhehheh.

Looking Into The World Without Computer

It has been a long time since I'm updating my blog. Well, I'm still looking for suitable replacement to replace my dearest computer.

Mixing it with a new project of establish my new online biz, it makes me busy. Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm taking a lot of projects each year and trying make it work around my time and schedule. 

But then again, like my husband like to inform me frequently, if I don't do a lots of things each years, I will get bored easily.

But I can inform you this, try to establish a biz even online is hard work.  Someone mentioning that it is easier doing an online biz as you will be at home most of the times, but what they forget to mentioned to you was, online biz like any other biz will need you to concentrate to it.

But once I start any project I will see that it will go on even without a computer. This day, I'm using my HP as a tools to advertise my product to online future customer.

Biz is moderate right now but I will continued on until I makes it worked for me hehhehheh.

I also get a glance of the outside world without the influenced of blogger. And let me tell you it is refreshing indeed.

Suddenly I'm bombarded with information inside out. Especially in the Malay's world.

I got this sense's that the Malay beginning not to trust the Chinese. On the other hand, it's look like even in the world of Chinese, they don't trust other Chinese.

The Indian on the other hand, except for a couple of outburst from one or two "INFLUENTIAL" persons, the Indian don't trust the Chinese too.

I'm not making this things out. You can say it only happen in my friend cycle, but I got this from peoples I meet during my biz transactions.

I will tell you more, a stories of people I meet and has a chit chat with.

 I also will write about a reunion I attended, what meeting with a former school mates makes me understand that people, ordinary people really started to have this feeling that they hate politician because they devide them with their friends and families.

Well, see you in another post......

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Utusan : Enemy Of The State's For DAP

Hai guys. It's been so long that I'm failing to write in this blog.It is look like I'm failing in one of my new year resolution in writing in this blog.

Well what can I say as being without a laptop actually complicated my lives. I'm using a laptop as a tools to updated or recorded everything.

Now without it i need to record everything using way manual. Well as far as it goes now, I'm ubah to backward using a pen a pencil and a liquid paper hehhehheh.

Back to UTUSAN, I want to relate to you a story that I;m facing myself when I want to buy The Utusan here in Seremban.

Specifically in The Terminal One Bus Station in Seremban.

A few days ago, while waiting for a friend, around 9.00am, I decided to buy The Utusan, Berita Harian, Sinar, Metro and NST. Yes guys, I'm reading all this newspaper everyday a part from all the blogs.

If you familiar with Terminal One Bus Station in Seremban, you will know there's only one main news stall in it. You can buy almost every newspaper available here.

Funny things is, they sell Harakah and few other Chinese Daily known to report negatively about government but ironically they refusing to sell Utusan.

 Yes guys, when I asked about Utusan, this seller inform me that they don't sell Utusan base on principle things.

Yup, while selling almost every news paper you can consider racist or pro opposition, they consider Utusan an enemy because it is a Malay paper and dare to ask the questions they not willing to answer.

When I asked this seller, why they don't sell Utusan, the answer was simple, it is a racist paper. When I asked her how about Harakah, she then collected back The Harakah they display and put it inside.

I decided not to buy any newspaper from this stall ever again. I also at that point return all the newspaper I'm ready to buy and decided to wait for a stall inside Terminal One Shopping canter to open.

When discussing about this with a few friends, a news come to me that the seller is an opposition supporter. DAP supporter that is. True or false, I don't know, but with the way she act I think it is true.

She act like Utusan is a rubbish newspaper and it will not effected her sell. Maybe it is true but my mind keep thinking, as a seller, she supposed to maximised her profit. by selling Utusan it will increasing her profit margin.

But for her and a people like her, when there was something disturb their world of everything is okay if DAP in power, they will try to destroyed it.

My takes right now, Utusan is the State's Enemy of DAP world. It not worth it existing because it is pro government.

Me, I'm buying Utusan because usually any news of government help will be announce in this newspaper.Yeah guys, that is why I'm buying Utusan.

So those of you who want to boycotts Utusan, go ahead. If more people don't request government aids or late requesting any government benefits, it better chance's for me to get it.

Why? If more people not requesting anything from the government, more chances for me to get it. Getting angry with my conclusions? Don't be lor. hehhehheh.

By the way, I'm now boycotting that news stand. It my stand not to buy anything from them. Don't get angry with me okay. Malaysia is a democratic state. People can choose whatever they want to choose and I choose not to buy from this stall. 

I'm willing to wait around 11.00am to buy a newspaper than buying from this stall.

It is a principle thing just like what they said to me. So my principle is, I'm not buying anything from them hehhehheh.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

When Politic Is For Power Not Rakyat

I have this allergy for the Wakil Rakyat who was so busy that his/her Constitution was left to their own device to work out whatever the Rakyat needed.

This has happen before but somehow it was contained to a certain areas. But now, it's seem to happen everywhere.

I means, look at the complains and comment in the newspaper. If you follow it carefully you will realised that you can divided it into two categories.

One major and another one is minor.

Than, during your monitoring, you will realise that the problem in Selangor has been upgraded from minor to major for the past several years.

Don't believed me, do your own research lor. hehhehhheh.

One other thing, the complain in a few states has been downgrade to a minor. And it will tell you somethings too right? I notice it a few days ago. I don't have a computer to excess to the Internet.

I also realise one small thing. Our YB getting lazy. Yup, LAZY. If you say otherwise, my examples was simple.

Look to all the complain. A lot of the requests has the same paragraph in it. "Please PM, come and help us" or "We need a federal government to help us solves this problem".

For me, this saying that the YB is useless. If you read the complain, you will get the impression that in Malaysia, only PM was doing his jobs. Other YB was a model or an artists in a pictures of democracy in Malaysia.

Why, I said they were the Model or an artist in the pictures of Malaysian democracy? Because they were only acting or modelling and as you know, the model and the artist only getting paid when they have an acting jobs.

They not doing the real jobs. Just acting like they doing a jobs.

So, our YB now has a new acting jobs. Pretending to be a busy YB who don't have any times for the constitutions.

 Pretending to be so busy that they don't even have a times to serves their own rakyat. So, if you have any problems, just go to the PM because PM don't have any acting jobs to to.

He have a real jobs serving the peoples like you and me. No wonder Rosmah always look irretated. Najib don't have a time to be her husband. He's busy my dear, busy.

Love or hate him, after you read all the complain asking for PM interventions, you cannot help but feeling a headache. You will get the impression that Najib cannot step down. If he step down, then it is the end of our hope. 

Read all the complain please. You will get the same impression as I'm. And you will realise one thing, Najib cannot step down because all the name that has been suggested to  replace him is the laziest one in the bunch.

OMG, we screwed.....


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Terengganu : Well Mat Said Done It

Idris Jusoh must shake his head frequently today when Mat Said announced that he will quit UMNO. 

I means when it was happening to him, he decided to stay on and fight on behalf of UMNO.He didn't quit even when he losing the power and title's of the MB.

What was happening to Idris Jusoh now happening to Mat Said too. He cannot say differently.

When he decided to quit, people cannot help but viewing him as someone who joining the party because he just wanted a power and money.

Idris Jusoh suddenly becoming a benchmark as someone in Terengganu  who was gentleman enough to resigned gracefully.

Mat Said, whatever good he has done before will always be remember as the one who quit because he losing the top positions.

Guess the saying was true. If you want to know someone loyalty, give them a power and then strip the power from him. If he stay, he was truly your loyal supporter. If not, throw him out. He's really your enemy.

Me, I'm busy with my biz and solving the problems on how to attain another computer temporary. I don't really care as this problem didn't effected my biz at all right now hehhehheh

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bumi Sarawak Is Better Than DAP

Before you decided that I'm wrong here, please read BNBBC vs DAP  from the blog From Sematan Ke Lawas.

This situation happen in Sarawak assembly. I guess it just show how arrogant DAP is.

I mean look at how they treated the local. They though that they know more and they were better than anyone else.

They think they need to show how low the mindset of the local people representative and how sophisticated they are.

So they come out with a statistic how poor bumi in Sarawak is while in the same breath asking for more buget allocation for Chinese school. How they come out with this solution.

No where in their statistic saying the chinese was poor and yet the chinese school need more allocation than SK where a lot of bumi goes to school. 

When I read this, I got a impression that they thinking, if you were poor, why should we help you getting better. You don't need better facilities. We the well to do and rich people were the one who need better facilities. So all allocation need to be awarding to us.

Frankly I think those who suggested this ideas is a stupid one. They think they were better but their solution really just for their own benefit not for all people.

The other thing is, I'm tired of people who think that the Serawakian was stupid and don't know anythings. 

The same things goes to how they think the Sabahan is. Some think that because this peoples were living in the rural areas where a lot of basic facilities still legging behind that this people must be stupid too.

Hello, how brilliant and wise you are was not because you have all the things people like you and me take for granted. Brilliant and wise you are when you know how to digest the information and understand it fully.

Don't tell me the people in Sabah and Sarawak don't have this capability because the way I see it, in some cases they are better than us in Peninsular. 

So, my conclusion when I read about the sitting of Sarawak Assembly as per now is that DAP didn't fight for people of Sarawak. They fight for Chinese's Sarawak. 

The other conclusion is that Bumi representative is Sarawak is better than DAP representative. Why? Because they can stand up and point the problem in the issue presented by DAP representatives and dissect it to the bone. 

It also show how shallow minded the DAP Sarawak representatives is. 

Urghhhh No surprise there I guess hehhehheh

Hmmm Can The Educated Becoming ....

Sometimes I wonder if the more educated some people are the more dumb they will become.

I means look at some of the explanation about GST coming from the mouth of our graduate. You can be sure that if you asked 10 of them only 2 will give you the right answer.

The rest, well just say you can divide them into two group, one don't know what GST stand for while the other group know what GST stand for but really don't understand about GST.

Even those two who understand GST didn't understand it fully and it makes you wonder do they really a graduate from the university or just someone who  just go with a motions.

I really feel hopeless when I need to interview this type of persons because one of the frequently asked questions I need to asked them was about GST. Especially those who will be working in the sales department.

If they cannot explained about GST how can they suppost to convince  people to buy our service as our customer now always asked if our services will be effected by GST.

So, this candidates need to know at least the basic of GST. 

Last Wednesday we rejected all 10 candidates and it look like we need to request another round of interview session with a fresh list. 

I got another added request by my Sales Department Manager. He request to lower the education level to diploma but with at least 5 years experience. 

He can also excepted those with a lower level education but it need to come with 10 years experience.

So bye bye fresh graduate. It look like the education with a low general knowledge will ensure you will never get a place in my company. 

We willing to offer the highest salaries but I guess it's for those who have the lower education level but come with the experience and higher general knowledge.

Me, I will do my job and interview another candidates. Sorry no fresh graduate in the degree level candidate this time.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Tribute To My Computer

I've been missing a lot of news lately as my laptop suddenly decided to died on me. I'm using her (yes it is her as she working so hard to carter my need) to the max lately as I'm trying to establish my on line biz networking.

So I decided I need to write something for her, my loyal electronic partner. We go thru a lot during the good times and the bad times.

I will miss her.

So during this transition, I cannot write as frequently as I wanted to be but when I got a chance, I will write it as much as I can.

Because the problem related to hard disk it can be considered as my computer died already. Need to find a hard disk replacement and it will take's times.

So long dear electronic friend. I will miss your naughty unfamiliar to programmer problem that you sometimes love to give me.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Oh No : Oh Yes: I mean I Told You So Hehhehheh

Want to see a picture. Go To Helen GAMBAR SEKITAR DEMO

My oh my oh my. See that? Notice the skin colour? Notice the ketayap? Notice the tudung?

So tell me. Is it me or am I the only one noticing that the demo participants, almost all of it was a Malay.

Where is the Chinese and Indian? Busy lor? People went for a shopping trips during a labour day. More customer means more money lor.

so let this Malay do all those dirty jobs while they busily searching for more money-money-money.

I believed some of those who attend is a trader right. Some having the same shop and provided the same service but to joint this party they need to closed the shop.

Well let them be. I means, more malay closed the shop, more customer for them lor.

I also get a text message inviting me to joint this party. Well I decline, thank you very much.

This morning, I'm busily posting my product which I sell in the FB. Got a few prospect there. Make a few sell too.

In the afternoon, I'm heading to PD,  Usually PD during this times still pack with the urbanite from KL.

Thanks to those who arranged for that demo in Dataran Merdeka, PD was not packed as usual. Well that a good thing for me right. hehhehheh

I'm enjoying the family day in PD and having a seafood for dinner hehhehheh.

My friends who joining the demo come back with a bad mood. It's look like she stuck in the traffic jam almost for hours.

The sms she sending me was full of **** **** because she blaming the police for making her travelling home from demo like hell.

Why? Road block maaaa, hehhehheh.

So, she will have a migraine tomorrow while I'm busy delivering my product to the customer.

Oh, Because she busy today, she sending a few of her customer to me.

Well, it is look like, her lost is my gain than. But biz is biz .......- please fill in the blank . hehhehheh

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spinning Gasing : Hudud By Umno MP Not PAS

Am I dizzy right now or this is the spinning gasing story all over again.

And this times it involving Hudud.

All over Malaysia, people know that the party which always push for Hudud law is PAS. They have insisted for so long, that this agenda will always be number one in PAS camp.

Why oh why the UMNO MP should shoulder the responsibility to present it in Parliament oh dear Khalid Samad?

It sound so crazy to me that I read this post by twice. Yeap it's there. Please read it HERE

Gosh, you all in PAS only capable of giving the ideas and not the solution aaaa. That explained everything lor.

No? Okay got it, you only know how to recycle the idea which presented by PAS fore father without any ideas how to proceed with it.

Aiyoh, if you really push this agenda for so long, why you still need others as your representative. 

And brilliantly you use your opposition as a representative to do your jobs.  "Makan Gaji Buta ka?"

Since the beginning of PAS in Malaysia, when you said HUDUD people always associated it with PAS.

How come, it fall in UMNO shoulder right now? Or are you in PAS is so unprepared that if PAS forward the motions it will be rejected out of the door?

Or the truth is that your PR partner rejected Hudud and for the love of unity in PR, you cannot file in the motion of Hudud Law or they will chase you out.

Well if that is the case, accept it oh the follower of PAS.

PAS is not the partner in PR. PAS is slaves  or the higher one only as a cheap labour.

Perggghhhh, the highest status in PR so far hehhehheh.

RBF Online: Hari Ini Khalid Ibrahim Terima Pembalasan Akibat M...

Rasanya tidak perlu saya ulas panjang panjang. Baca sahajalah disini.

RBF Online: Hari Ini Khalid Ibrahim Terima Pembalasan Akibat M...: Tahun ini telah masuk tahun ke 6 kerajaan yang diketuai PKR memerintah Selangor. Manakala bulan ini pula adalah bulan ke 2 rakyat Sela...

Menarik pada saya ialah, perumpamaan bahawa PR adalah penjual ubat tepi jalan dan BN adalah penjual ubat di farmasi. Seorang pandai bercakap berdegar-degar dan seorang duduk diam di kedai farmasi menjual ubat kepada orang ramai. Tepat sangat.



Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Evangelist Mindset : Mine Mine yours mine

I come across this statement today

"You cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable.” - John F. Kennedy

and somehow when I read about it I've a vision that this statement was aptly referring to The Evangelist in Malaysia.

Yeah, it is true right. For this people, they wanted to own everything. But they always forget to share.

They asked everyone to share but hold dearly to what they own.

Come to think about it, they will always looking for their own benefit before thinking of others. They will willing to help if it will benefited them more.

It's really a movement far from what the traditional Kristian's been doing all this while. The traditional Church usually, the one who will give and give and rarely take and take.

The Evangelist Kristian's is the one who take and take and rarely give and give. Their Church getting bigger and bigger. The hall becoming larger with a lot of new facility each year.

Look at the traditional churches, they always stay the same with their size or their hall year after year. Come to think about it, some churches don't have any hall at all.

So, when I come across this statement from J.F Kennedy my mind zero in to Evangelist. When I think of the evangelist I think of one races.

I stop to that because I wanted to follow what Islam always teaches me, and that is to think the goodness in people.

But with all those thing happen around us, it getting harder and harder to think the goodness of others.

They make it harder for us, the moderate thinker to become a moderate..

We have learned that all religions demanding us to become a good human being. Demand people to respect one another. But how do you supposed we can do it if this people always poked and provoked everyone day in and day out.

I think it is times for us to ponder, how far is to far because in the end going to far will resulting us to loose everything. Think about it okay.

Friday, 25 April 2014

GST : What The Kg Folks Told Me

Yesterday, I went to a Bank. Well, there's a lot of pension man and women lining up to collected their pension.

The Bank was full and I'm one of the unlucky one who didn't manage to get a sit. Actually I got a sit but gave it up to an older women with a cane.

Some older men then try to give a sit to me after that but then I decided to stand up. After a thank you of course.

Now after a while, an older man who stand beside me asked a questions about my number. I reply in kind saying that my number will take a while to get a call.

He smile at me and then we started a discussion about this and that situations.

On how the cost of living becoming quite high in the Urban's while it still lower in the Kampung. That makes me asked him did he live in Kampung. And of course he said yes.

So, I decided to become someone who don't know anything. When he explain something to me I just asked for clarifications.

Well at one point he's talking about GST. So I asked him that someone inform me that if GST is implemented the prices of a lot of thing will increased.

He just laugh and said that in one way that statement is right and in other way that statement is wrong.

So I asked him in what way that statement will be right and in what condition that statement was wrong?

This was his explanations.

If GST is implemented, some items will see the reduction in prices. This is due to all taxes will be explained in the label.

So, others cannot impose other taxes to the items. Last time, no one will explained those taxes that they impose to the customer. This makes the items has been charges to multiple taxes.

This multiple taxes that increase the prices which sometimes almost 100 to 150% from the factory prices.

GST is really quite fair to the customer but not to those involved in the business of distributions. They the one who usually increasing the prices.

GST will stop them from charging the higher prices for the items.

So the statement that saying the prices of the items will increasing because of the GST proving wrong.

So, I asked about when the statement proving true. His explanation is this.

When the items is tax during the factory stages, this makes the government collecting the taxes early. The manufacturing factory need to factoring the items prices and pay the taxes according to how much they manufacturing in a day.

Unlike last times, they can just manufactured what ever quantity they wanted and by end of the year they just pay the lump sum taxes.

With GST they need to count the taxes per items. This never effect the manufacturer but it will effected the end customer.

What happen is, if this items cost plus taxes is RM10, those who use one item only pay 60 cents but those who use 2 items need to pay RM1.20. So the prices will be increase to some especially the one who used a lot of items.

I said , it this is true that the government taxes revernue's will remain the sames as the manufacturing still paying the same amount of taxes, right?

His explainations was,

The revenues will increasing because manufacturing company need to pay the prices according to the quantities they produces.

Last times they only declare how much their manufacturing cost and how much their gainning. Who know how much they can produce with the quantities they declared.

This actually increasing the govornment revenue's because the manufacturing company usually can get a much higher quantity than what they projected.

It becomes efficient because the manufacturing companies now need to declare their productions quantities because the taxes base on quantities. The more they produce, the more taxes they need to pay.

My oh my, this guy know more than most University graduates that I know. Right or wrong, it is his opinions.

My takes is, this guy is smart even thought he said  he finished school before taking his MCE.

Those who don't know about LCE, it was an examination equalisation to SRP now. Each student need to pass Lower Certificate Examination in order to continued to form 4.

Just like SRP/PMR once upon a times before the act that required student need to finish form 5 was implemented.

Yeah it was a lot harder to pass than older SRP or new SRP or PMR.

And if this old guy understand the way of GST, how will it reflect to the younger generations that majority of them having a degree in their certification storage's hehhehheh.

Oh! Maybe it is because those who manage to study in middle school during LCE and MCE era's was more brilliant than the younger generation right now? hehehehe

But then It will not explained LKS or KS or WA, hmmm

But then they were special in their own classes right? The class of the special elites hehhehheh

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bila FAkta Di Sebenar Dan Auta PR

Saya baca blog Tun Tentang hutang negara. Baca di SINI

Anda faham atau tidak apa yang Tun Faizal cuba huraikan?

Kalau tidak, berhentilah sahaja bercerita tentang politik semasa.


Sebab anda masih tidak layak memperkatakan tentang bagaimana seseorang itu perlu menguruskan negara.

Jika artikel Tun Faizal ini memeningkan kepala anda, sudah-sudahlah mempertikaikan itu dan ini.

Sebabnya, inilah penerangan yang paling ringkas tentang hutang negara. Paling ringkas.

Teruslah dengan cita-cita anda supaya orang itu memerintah kerana setahu saya, orang itu juga tidak faham apa yang ingin disampaikan oleh Tun Faizal.

Maklumlah kan hehhehheh. Maklum sendiri ya.

Perrrrnasihattt dia Jambu pink pun sama juga. blurrrrr tahap gaban hehhehheh.

Oh, kenapa saya tulis dalam bahasa Malaysia? Sebab kalau saya tulis dalam BI takut ada yang tak faham bahawa saya sebenarnya ingin menyindir.

Sesiapa yang tidak faham bahasa Malaysia sila abaikan artikel ini ya. SEbabnya nanti salah faham lagi. Al-maklum anda belum khatam Bahasa Malaysia lagi walaupun sudah dua tiga empat lima abad umurnya hidup dibumi Malaysia ini hehhehheh.

Saya tidak kata bahasa Melayu sebab orang melayu sendiri ada yagn tidak khatam bahasa Melayu walaupun umur sudah tiga empat lima puluh abad hehhehheh

Ini artikel menyindir. Tidak ada kaitan antara yang hidup atau mati.

TApi kalau ada yang terasa tu ingat pesanan ini SIAPA MAKAN CILI DIA YANG RASA PEDASNYA hehhehheh

Yang tidak terasa itu, teruskan hidup anda dalam misteri hehhehheh

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Catuan Air Untuk Kesejahteraan Rakyat??????

Saya berbual dengan emak saya tentang air paip yang dekat tapi jauh di Selangor. Al maklumlah kampung saya berdekatan dengan Empangan Semenyih.

Hendak dijadikan cerita, saya mengajak emak saya tinggal di rumah saya tetapi dia menolak kerana nenek saya kurang sihat.

Entah mengapa saya bertanyakan kepadanya kenapa walaupun hujan turun hari-hari di Selangor tetapi air di empangan masih lagi kurang.

Sedangkan di tempat lain air empangan sudah penuh.

Untuk makluman anda semua, emak saya bukanlah dari golongan pmebaca blog tegar.

Dia juga bukanlah seorang ahli ilmuan. Beliau sekadar seorang bekas guru sekolah agama kontrak yang dilantik selepas lulus peperiksaan khas.

Beliau tiada pernah menamatkan pelajaran di peringkat rendah pun. Sekadar menamatkan pelajaran di darjah lima tahun 1960. Kehidupan keluarga yang miskin tidak memungkinkan beliau meneruskan pelajaran.

Tetapi beliau sungguh rajin mencari ilmu yang tidak formal. Selalu membaca akhbar dan majalah.

Ketika persoalan diatas saya ajukan kepadanya, jawapan ibu saya cukup mudah.

Air dari langit Tuhan turunkan banyak di Selangor tetapi tidak mengalir ke sungai. Sebaliknya air terus diserap ke dalam bumi. Air bawah tanah menjadi banyak.

Apabila air bawah tanah menjadi banyak akan adalah kawasan rumah mendap atau retak. Akan adalah tanah runtuh. Semua sebab air dalam tanah sudah banyak.

Tetapi apa gunanya air bawah tanah banyak sedangkan empangan akan terus kering. Maknanya air tetap tidak cukuplah air untuk semua orang dapat setiap hari. 

Bumi tidak mahu keluarkan air untuk orang selangor.

Mana tempat air tidak boleh diserap tanah, akan banjirlah sekarang ini. Kita akan tengok tak lama lagi air banyak tapi semua air itu tidak boleh kita gunakan.

Semua ini sebagai peringatan. Jangan kita leka. Dulu kita senang. Semua ada di Selangor ini. Tapi kita tamak. Kita hendak segala-galanya.

Kita fitnah orang sana sini. Sekarang ini, kita kenalah tanggung. Bala bukan memilih orang. Sekali terkena, imam masjid yang alim pun akan kena sekali.

Dulu ambil air sembahyang siap boleh ambil pahala sunat tiga kali. Sekarang hendak jimatkan air kenalah ambil yang wajib sahaja. Dulu boleh kumpul pahala sunat. Sekarang, semuanya ala kadar sahaja. Pahala pun sudah kurang.

Saya sekadar diam. Apa lagi yang boleh saya katakan. Pandangan ibu saya itu ada benarnya. Saya tidak terkejut jikalau selepas ini, dengan hujan yang mencurah-curah, banjir akan berlaku.

Saya juga tidak terperanjat jika akan ada tanah runtuh akibat pengaliran sungai bawah tanah.

Itu semua adalah sains. Setiap perbuatan akan ada akibatnya. Jika ibu saya mendapat semua maklumat itu hanya melalui pembacaan majalah dan akhbar, bagaimana pula dengan kita yang mempunyai ekses maklumat tidak terhad seperti di internet.

Sepatutnya kita lebih pandai dari orang seperti ibu saya bukan?

Tetapi mengapa orang seperti ibu saya yang lebih mengetahui tentang sungai bawah tanah, tentang air bawah tanah, tentang saliran yang tidak diselenggarakan dengan betul akan mengakibatkan banjir dan berbagai maklumat lagi?

Atau mungkinkah orang yang tinggal di bandar sebenarnya tidaklah sebijak orang yang tinggal di kampung. Persoalan ini saya ajukan kepada ibu saya. Jawapannya ialah :

Orang bandar sibuk. Mereka tiada masa kerana dialihkan perhatian mereka dengan pelbagai hiburan. Lihat sahaja cucu den, dengan laptop, HP, tablet dan iphone. Itu belum dikira dengan Astro, HipTV, panggung wayang, pusat bowling dan pusat hiburan.

Mana ada masa bila hari terpaksa dipenuhkan dengan semua perkara itu? Tak ikut nanti ketinggalan zaman. Bila ikut semua itu, bukankah kos sara hidup meningkat? Dari gaji cukup menjadi tidak cukuplah. SEmua hiburan itu perlu di bayar.

Mungkinkah emak saya betul? Setiap perbuatan akan ada akibatnya. DAn akibat inilah yang sedang dituai oleh rakyat Selangor.

Atau mungkin nenek saya betul. Katanya : Setiap Sultan ada daulatnya. Tinggal di negeri beraja, Sultan perlu dihormati. Orang sekarang ini ramai yang menderhaka. Kerana derhaka, inilah jadinya.

Hmmmm.... terfikir kata-kata nenek saya itu mungkin ada betulnya apabila memikirkan mendiang KS yang kemalangan di Perak. Anda tahu bukan sejarah mendiang KS dengan Sultan Perak.

Adakah ini kebetulan atau tidak? Wallahualam.... fikir-fikirkanlah.