Monday, 16 November 2015

ROTFL Hehhehheh

Got to say, something make me wonder about the state of mind and what's playing in their mind.

First of all, I know that some "Mentri" like to issued the what I like to call it "Gosh You Got To Be Kidding" but follow the oppositions logic it is acceptable coz  all government supporter and government representative is stupid, right?

But it is like a virus that our opposition will try to top it out. You need to wait and you'll see it. And this weeks it's happen hehhehheh

Top of the week :

From Government representative you here this:
Don't like the government migrate to oversea

From opposition to top it up this week :
Don't like Penang pindah Kelantan

Urgh why Kelantan chap?

My friend get a good laugh with this comment. When I asked him, he inform me like this

Those who comment oversea was smarter than Kelantan. All because the one who comment oversea know how to get rid the pain in the xxx. He asked his non supporter to go far far away using their own money. Further more he asked them to migrate and stay away from Malaysia. Some politely asked to apply for PR. This to ensure the non supporter cannot vote opposition. Lost one vote already

What about Kelantan comment.

Well, if your non supporters just migrate to Kelantan, he or she still a Malaysian and can vote whomever they like. Of course it's not you lah.

OK there's a certain logic there that's make me wonder. My friends get a good laughs this week.

Me, I'm thinking no need for Maharaja Lawak Mega, there's Malaysia's politicians to take over Hehhehheh

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